Vivaldi - How to make links focusable?


Vivaldi - How to make links focusable?

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This is for everyone who is using the Vivaldi browser. In case you wondered why links are not focusable when you're tabbing through a website, I can let you know: You're not alone!


The solution is stated in a Vivaldi forum post:

This has to be enable in Vivaldi Settings > Webpages > Webpages Focus > (*) Focus All Controls and Links.

So for unclear reasons the Vivaldi team decided to exclude links as focus-able areas per default and each user has to change this setting on its own.

That's why I opened a feature request and a bug report (ticket: VB-73381) to change the setting's default value.

But for now you know how to fix this A11Y issue on your own in your Vivaldi browser settings.

Happy browsing!