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VSCode Extensions

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I'm using VSCode since several years for private projects, but also during my working time as a frontend developer.

Within this time I got a lot of extensions installed, tested and uninstalled again. But today I would like to report about those extensions that I kept in and use in my daily work. So those extensions have a high value to myself.



File-based Extensions


Frontend extensions

There are thousands of programming language-specific extensions and thus whatever you search in the marketplace, you will probably find something.

What are your favorite VSCode extensions and why? Let me know about Twitter.


In case you want to share your extension suggestions, there is also the possibility to define so called extension packs. Centigrade for example did this by defining their Centigrade Angular Extensions which could be very helpful for onboarding to directly point to this extension pack the developer can download and by that directly has access to appropriate extensions and toolset in VSCode for his/her job.