Hello my fellow developers


Welcome to my dev blog. Take a look at my blog posts and notes:


  1. Container Queries in CSS: The Cool New Kid on the Block
  2. My Neovim journey
  3. Streaming

    Late 2020, I started my streaming and YT journey. In this blogpost I talk about my first experience with it.

  4. Homeoffice - Setup

    What do you need to setup for your homeoffice?

  5. Homeoffice - Intro

    Working from home transitioned from a niche business topic to mainstream during the pandemic. In this blogpost series I'm going to report about my feelings and experiences working remote for half a decade already.

  6. Starting with TypeScript via JSDoc
  7. My favorite webdev podcasts
  8. Dealing with death
  9. Back2Roots - My static site generator
  10. Variable Fonts
  11. CSS Quantity Queries


  1. The State of JS 2021
  2. Twitch Tech Streamer
  3. My blog now supports Webmentions!

    Webmention is a standard for communication across the web. All blogposts of mine are finally supporting this standard and webmentions are shown under each blogpost.

  4. Twitch Stream - TailwindCSS

    TailwindCSS is a very popular and hyped CSS framework. What is it all about? Within a Twitch stream we tried to answer some questions.

  5. Twitch Stream - Emojis 👋 and Websockets
  6. My favorite online editors

    Whether it is for prototyping or trying out some code very fast. Online (code) editors are very popular nowadays and in this note I share my favorite editors with you.

  7. Using PropTypes with TypeScript

    In this note we clarify how to use PropTypes together with TypeScript

  8. Automatic Minimum Size of Flex Items
  9. Vivaldi - How to make links focusable?
  10. flex-basis refers to width/height?
  11. React - Synthetic blur event
  12. VSCode Extensions
  13. Mistakes I made - Array.prototype.indexOf